Fine Art Portraits Investments

Thank you for wanting to find out more about our services and how it all works.  We want to take this opportunity to explain how we work, and how we want to help you create family heirlooms and celebrate the beautify and the uniqueness of you and your family.

With the age of digital technology, too often we bury our beaitufl precious memories in digital files that are buried in the massive library folders on our phones or computers and then left to be forgotten as we move through the fast pace of life.


This is why at TS Studios, we believe in the beauty of physical displays, fine art prints, albums and stunning wall arts where you can see and enjoy your memories every day, as well as sharing them with friends and families each time they walk in the door. This is what we call full professional portrait photography service. Don’t get us wrong, we would still supply you with matching digital files with your order so you can share with friends and families online, as well as carry those memories with you on your phone.

We sincerely hope that you share our sentiment and equal desire to proudly display your precious memories in your homes.

TZ Studios Portraits Experience

Step 1 – The Planning Consultation

Great photography comes from a great relationship, and this starts with a meeting to allow us to find out more about you, why do you want your portrait sessions with us, what you hope to achieve from the experience, and what is important to you.

From here, we can plan for the creative session that follows, where and when, any special clothing, theme etc.

This step is all about planning carefully so we can truly celebrate you and your loved ones, and create meaningful and personalised heirlooms that accurately captures and freezes a moment in time for you to cherish forever.

Step 2 – The Creative Session – $200

This is where the fun takes place and it normally takes 45-60 minutes, unless it’s a newborn photo shoot. Those babies sleep when they want to sleep.

Sometimes the portraits are done into in our studios, while others, we would happily travel to our clients homes, farms, or to parks and beaches.

Wherever it is, our main goal is to have fun, lots of fun. This is the best way to make our clients feel comfortable, and excited to be a part of the creative process.

Afterwards, we will work behind the scene to prepare the images for you to view. While we don’t fully edit the images, but they will definitely get the initial touchup that they deserve so you can enjoy seeing them for the first time.

Step 3 – The Reveal and Design

Once the images are prepared, you are invited to come in to view the images for the first time. Often we do see happy tears from our clients, which is always a good sign.

We then help you to choose the images and design a collection that would suit your needs and budget. We do invite all the decision-makers to attend the design consultation to make the process flows smoothly and without interruption.

Don’t worry, there won’t be any force sales tactics. We want you to love your products, and we are here to help you every step of the way. We can even help you to visualise how the images would look in your home using our special design software. We normally ask for 1- 2 hours for the choosing and design session.

Our products range include Loose Prints on exquisite fine art paper, Matted Prints that are presented in collector box, ready to hang Wall Arts Framed Prints or Canvas, family heirloom Albums Collections.

Wall Arts start from $550, Keepsake Boxes start from $1700, and our Albums Collections start from $2900.

Typically, our clients would invest between $1000-$5000.

Step 4 – The Collection

Depending on the artwork, it would take 4-8 weeks for each order to be completed. This is when you get to see the results of all the hard work, and truly understand why we love physical products and printed artworks so much more than just the digital files.

Fine art portraits by Palmerston North photographer Binh Trinh

Q Card Flexible Payment Option

We also offer interest-free debit payment plan via Q card to make it easier for you to afford beautiful artworks of your family in your home. The plan can range from 3-12 months depending on the package. You can apply for your own Q Card in advance.