Fine Art Portraits by Binh Trinh

Winners of over 300 Awards and Accolades worldwide

  • The only NZ photographer to win the International Black and White Photographer of the Year
  • The only NZ photographer to win the Oustanding Achievement in Black and White Photography, Spider Awards
  • The only NZ photographer to win the WPPI Premiere Grand Award
  • The only NZ photographer to win an Editorial Feature in the BnW phootgraphy magazine
  • Hasselblad Masters Finalist
  • Category Winner of the International Loupe Awards


Welcome to my little corner of the world of creativity. There are two things that I absolutely love when it comes to photography, black and white, and create beautiful, emotion and narrative artworks. Just like any artists, fine art photography is about story telling, and as part of this, the post-editing is an intricate part to the creative process where every part and every element in the image contributes to the overall feel and narration.  It is always fun, exciting and rewarding to create something special, something that will be hang in that special place in a home, something that will be cherished as a family heirloom.

How much does it cost:

The fine art prints start from $220, with most clients ranging from $800 upwards. Please contact Binh for more information.