Children and Family Photography

We simply adore photographing children. They are the main reasons why we get up every day, and why we feel so happy and fulfilled in this hectic life.

Children photography is all about celebrating the innocence, the curiosity, and the pure happiness that children display at every minute of every day.

It is about celebrating their milestones, their changes, their growth, and their love for life.

There is never the “perfect” time for children photography. Every image captures a unique stage in their life and how they look at things. Many of our clients have regular portraits of their children, and it is always a joy to watch the children grow, as well as the size of the family grows.

Typically, our clients would invest between $1000-$5000. You can click here to find out more about portrait products and our fine art portraits process here.

So the question is, when was the time you have had a beautiful family portraits taken?