Boudoir and Glamour Photography

Boudoir photography is about celebrating the woman in you with no prejudice against race, age or colour. Contact us to find out more about our boudoir photography service.

Step 1 - Creative Session Fee : $250

With creative session, you will first receive professional hair and make up,  This way you can choose your own hair and make up artists to suit your taste and preference. The session would last about an hour, where we can do several outfit changes, using both natural and studio lighting.

Clothing wise, it is entirely up to you. Some clients choose to do glamour style portraits only, while others would like to explore the more sensual and sensuous style with lingerie and night wear. Some clients want to celebrate their body with implied and full nudes. The most important thing is for your to feel comfortable, and able to enjoy the creative process. Wine often helps.

Step 2 - Design Session

After the creative session, we will work on our magic with the images and then you are invited to come back for the design session. We will showcase our best selection with preliminary edits, and help you to choose the images to suit you, and help you to design a package and presentation to celebrate these artworks. We have beautiful fine art prints, stunning albums, as well as the emotional and powerful slideshow presentation.

Our A La Carte options starts from $150 for our fine art print, with our typical clients spending from $800 upwards.